About The Ray Society

The Ray Society was founded in 1844 to honour the name of John Ray (1628-1705), one of the most eminent and influencial naturalists of his time.  Ray published works on birds, mammals, fish, insects and plants, bringing order to the chaotic mass of names in use by contemporary naturalists. 

The Ray Society publishes books on natural history with special, but not exclusive reference to the flora and fauna of the British Isles.  To date 173 books have been published.

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Membership of the Ray Society

Membership costs £6 per year and entitles members to purchase a copy of each volume at the members' concessionary price. Other volumes are available at 20% discount. Special offers, for members only, appear on the web site several times a year.

For details and ways to apply for membership, please go to 'MEMBERS' at the top of the page.


The Ray Society Publications Policy.

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The Ray Society Credit Card Security Policy

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 Latest news and updates

The Annual General Meeting of the Ray Society will take place at The Natural History Museum on Tuesday 18th March 2014 at 4pm.

Please contact the Hon Sec. for more details.


Special website offer for Ray Society members only

Rifle Green by Nature, an interesting historical work about the naturalist William Elford Leach, by authors K. Harrison and E. Smith, is now available at the reduced price of £5.00, plus £5.00 post and packing.


Fauna Cantabrigiensis. The Vertebrate and Molluscan Fauna of Cambridgeshire by the Reverend Rev. Leonard Jenyns (1800-1893): transcript and commentaries.  Editors Richard C. Preece and Tim H. Sparks has now been published and is available at the members' concessionary price of £25.00 (including post and packing).

Members of other scientific societies may purchase one copy of this work at the reduced price of £35.00 (plus £5 post and packing) by contacting Penny Evans for a password. penny.evans@ntlworld.com


Special offer for Malacological Society Members

British Prosobranch Molluscs is offered at the reduced price of £40 + £5 p&p (rrp £75) and Littorina at £60 + £5 p&p (rrp £89). Members of the Malacological Society may purchase one copy of each of these works by contacting Penny Evans for a password. penny.evans@ntlworld.com