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The Ray Society was founded by George Johnston in 1844 to honour the name of John Ray (1628-1705), one of the most eminent and influencial naturalists of his time.  Ray published works on birds, mammals, fish, insects and plants, bringing order to the chaotic mass of names in use by contemporary naturalists. 

The Ray Society is not about John Ray himself, but exists to publish books on natural history with special, but not exclusive reference to the flora and fauna of the British Isles.  To date 178 volumes have been published.

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List of Ray Society Publications since 1845

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Membership of the Ray Society

Membership costs £10 per year and entitles members to purchase a copy of each volume at the members' concessionary price. Other volumes are available at 20% discount. Special offers, for members only, appear on the web site several times a year.

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Membership fees

Several new volumes are close to publication. In order to cover costs, the Council has decided to increase membership fees to £10 per annum, with immediate effect. Please note that fees are payable annually on 1 January. If you do not already pay by standing order, please request a form by contacting the Honorary Secretary.  

Menageries in Britain 1100-2000 by Christine E. Jackson 

This volume, number 175, has now been published. Retail price is £50£9 p&p. It is available to members at the concessionary price of £25£9 p&p.


Methodus Plantarum Nova by John Ray (1682) translated by Stephen A. Nimis, Kathleen Tschantz Unroe, Michael A. Vincent, with commentaries by Michael Black, Mark W. Chase FRS and Michael A. Vincent 

This volume, number 176, has now been published. Retail price is £60 + £9 p&p. It is available to members at the concessionary price of £20 + £9 p&p.


In celebration of the Ray Society, established 1844, and its founder George Johnston (1797-1855).

Publication No. 163.

This essay, by Elizabeth Platts, was written in 1994 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Ray Society. It is now available as a PDF to download here.


Linnaeus Species Plantarum 1753 Volumes 1 and 2 ,. with an introduction by W.T. Stearn and appendiix by J. L. Heller and W. T. Stearn, plus supplements by C. E. Jarvis

Retail price for the set is £125. It is available to members at the concessionary price of £38.00 for the set of 2 volumes, plus £9 post and packing.