Out of print books

Various out of print Ray Society works are available as CD ROMs (from Pisces Conservation Ltd.) with a discount for members. Orders for the CD ROMs should be made directly to Pisces Conservation Ltd. www.pisces-conservation.com  requesting Ray Society members‘ discount:

  • British Tortricoid Moths (Vols 1 &2) - Bradley, Tremewan and Smith. (Retail Price ex VAT ex p&p £49)
  • Larvae of British Butterflies  Vol.1, Vols 2 &3, Vols 4-6, Vols 7 & 8, Vol.9-Buckler. (Retail Prices ex VAT ex p&p £18, £26, £26, £26, £18, £49-- complete set £85)
  • British Spiders (Vols 1-3)- Locket and Millage(Retail Price ex VAT ex p&p £49).
  • The Comity of Spiders- Bristowe. (Retail Price ex VAT ex p&p £36)
  • British Sea Anemones- Stephenson. (Retail Price ex VAT ex p&p £36)
  • British Mysidacea-Tatterstall and Tatterstall. (Retail Price ex VAT ex p&p £26)
  • Britsh Naked-eyed Medusae- Forbes. (Retail Price ex VAT ex p&p £18)
  • The Tunicata- Berrill. British Fresh-water Copepoda (Vols 1-3)- Gurney. (Retail Price ex VAT ex p&p £18)
  • Brambles of the British Isles-Edees and Newton.(Retail Price ex VAT ex p&p £30)